Nursery Planters Explained: Picking a Plant For Your Modular Planter

Nursery Planters Explained: Picking a Plant For Your Modular Planter

Nursery planters…have you even heard the term before? If so, do you know what a nursery planter is? Here at IMC Concrete, we talk to a lot of clients about the plants that they choose to put in our planters and today we thought we might share a little information that you could find helpful!

Nursery Planters Explained: Picking a Plant For Your Modular Planter

When we talk about nursery planters, we are usually referencing nursery containers or the pots that your plant comes in when you purchase it from a nursery. Most often, these are black or terracotta colored pots and are made from resin or plastic.

These nursery planters are labeled with numbers that are used to describe the size of the pot. For example, size one is the smallest pot and the one that you are most likely to find in your nursery. The number one pot is said to hold one gallon although they hold only three quarts of soil. Each nursery pot is numbered according to how many gallons they can hold.

As the nursery pot number increases, so too does the size of the pot. If you choose to keep your plant in the nursery pot, you will more than likely have to change out this pot a few times to accommodate your plant’s growth. If you don’t change out your plant’s pot, the plant will grow to a point where the roots become tangled and can strangle the plant, cutting off essential nutrients, and your plant will die.

So, if you are interested in purchasing a plant for your concrete planter, what type of nursery pot should you be looking at? Well, the size of the pot isn’t as important as the type of plant that you purchase. For example, you may buy a very large plant that is fully grown, or you may buy a sapling that has a lot of growing to do. Both of these plants will be in very different sized pots, but the sapling will likely grow to be larger than the large plant.

Still, the last thing you want to do is to have a very tiny plant in a very large planter…so, what should you be looking for?

There are a number of very easy to use soil calculators out there that can help you with your calculations based on the size of the planter that you want to build. Hawthorne GC has one of the better options, you can find their soil calculator here. So, if you were to create a planter that is 2-feet by 2-feet by 2-feet that would hold 8 cubic feet, 239.38 quarts, or 0.3 cubic yards or soil. That’s close to 60 gallons. So, when you shop for your planter, you want to shop for a pretty large plant if you’re only going to have one focal piece!

Looking For Modular Concrete Planters?

If you are looking for modular concrete planters to hold your favorite plants, take a look at our online platers store! You’ll find a variety of modular options that will allow you to customize your planter to your individual needs!

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