Modular Planter: Why Modular Planters Are Better Than Traditional Planters

Modular Planter: Why Modular Planters Are Better Than Traditional Planters

Are you trying to decide between a traditional planter and a modular planter? If so, you’re in the right place! As the leading company for modular planters, here at IMC Concrete we may be a little biased, but for good reason…for a few good reasons, actually!

Modular Planter: Why Modular Planters Are Better Than Traditional Planters

Customizing the Size of Traditional Planters is Expensive!

There are many different sizes of planters out there to choose from, but when you need a planter that doesn’t quite meet your needs, it gets expensive to customize planters! When you use modular planters, however, you can use our modular planter kits to build a planter as large or as small as you need! That’s definitely a money-saving opportunity!

Most Traditional Planters Come Pre-decorated

When you select a traditional planter you usually have two options – the boring conservative planters with terracotta, black, or concrete colors, or the patterned designs created by someone else. When you invest in our modular planter sets, though, you can decorate your own planter however you like! Add some appliques, paint it with a unique color scheme…do whatever you like to make that planter yours!

You Can’t Expand Existing Traditional Planters to Accommodate Growing Plants!

If you are a gardener or plant lover then you know that plants grow throughout their lifetime. As plants grow, they tend to outgrow their pots and planters. If you don’t change out the pot or planter that your growing plant is living in, you wind up with a dead plant because root constriction prevents nutrition from getting from the strangled roots to the rest of the plant! When you choose a modular planter, though, you can start off with one size planter and then add on to it with another modular kit to make your planter just the right size for your plants!

Our Modular Planters Let You Be You!

We mentioned above that one of the big benefits of modular planters is that you can add your own design to them to really make them your own. Another added benefit of these planters, though, is that you can decorate them to represent who you are. For example, if you work at the sports department of an athletic school, you can choose your school colors or your mascot to represent your school! That way you aren’t just adding a little cheer to the picture, you are also adding a sense of pride to the workplace that visitors and clients will notice!

Modular Planters Can Fit Anywhere!

Traditional planters come in specific sizes, but if you have a space that is an unusual size or shape, you are out of luck. With modular planters, though, you can build a planter to the right size for just about any space you have!

Interested in Buying a Modular Planter?

Are you interested in buying a modular planter for your garden, workspace, or office building? Take a look at our selection of modular planters!

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