Adorn Your University With Beautiful, Smart Looking Concrete Modular Planters

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Concrete Planters For Universities

Perfect for any season, indoor or outdoor use, we have the planter solution for your university. Our modular concrete planters are the perfect addition to courtyards, in front of dormitories, indoor or outdoor public walkways.

Looking for customization? The IMC Concrete design team will work with you to create a look that reflects your university branding. Simply give us a call and let's discuss your ideas. We can create colored concrete planters with your university logo embossed right into the concrete.

Our planters help beautify college campuses. Studies have shown that students who studty outdoors are more creative in problem solving. In addition, time spent in the great outdoors helps to increase vital blood flow to the brain. Studying around nature has been linked to higher-level thinking, precisely what you need when faced with a difficult assignment! It also helps students reduce stress and think clearly.

What types of spaces would love our concrete planters?

  • Libraries
  • Book Stores
  • Student Activities Building
  • Dining Halls
  • Courtyards

Our Commitment Is To Provide The Best Modular Concrete Products On The Market

Add Additional Security & Beauty To Your University

Due to the size and weight of these modular concrete planters, they provide excellent security barriers, in addition, to adding to the beauty of the campus. Our durable construction will hold up very well to weather conditions making these concrete planters a practical long-term outdoor showcase for your plants. Our planters come in a variety of colors and we can create custom colorings to fit your design needs. Our planters offer maximum durability and minimum maintenance.

Our Concrete University Planters Bring Natural Beauty To Your Space

Our commercial concrete planters are large housings for living plants. Our larger models are so big they can be used as barriers to keep traffic out of student living / recreational areas. These beautiful planters add life to commercial properties with live plants and flowers.

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