Concrete Modular Planter Assembly

In the following series of photos, IMC Concrete owner Dan Chaidez displays how simple it is to construct a two foot by three foot 3-stack concrete modular planter. Be sure to take an inventory of all of your pieces and ensure that there are no large chips, broken or missing pieces, or imperfections in the concrete planter.


Step 1

Start by laying out your corner base pieces and ensure the distance between them is the same length as the bottom side panels that you ordered for your kit.


Step 2

The bottom side panel should fit nice and snug into the base corner pieces. We recommend you use a carpenter square to ensure that your pieces are 90 degree square angles.


Step 3

Continue placing your base corner pieces and utilizing the bottom panels to ensure the feet of your planter are in the proper location. Maintain 90-degree angles with the help of your carpenter ruler.


Step 4

With three of your bottom panels placed on the corner base pieces, slide the floor boards into the grooves of the bottom panels. These should fit very snug into position.


Step 5

Once the floorboards are in position, you may attach the last bottom panel to complete the base level of your planter. If you're using an epoxy as adhesive, be sure to apply it liberally to all pieces and adjust before fastening your ties.


Step 6

With the base layer completed and the corner pieces properly aligned, you are now ready to start building the stacks of yor modular planter.


Step 7

Each vertical tier of your planter is built using the same way using epoxy as adhesive and the ties to hold your planter pieces together until the epoxy sets up.


Step 8

Once all 4 side panels are set with epoxy and fastened (be sure to tighten with pliers), you may start building the final tier of your planter.


Step 9

The third and final tier of your planter should be a little easier to build now that you have experience with how the modular system works. Don't forget to use your carpenter's square to ensure you're keeping your 90 degree angle.


Step 10

Each vertical tier of your planter is built using the same way using epoxy as adhesive and the ties to hold your planter pieces together until the epoxy sets up. Once you've completed the last tier, you're ready to add the crown.


Step 11

Starting with one corner of your planter, add a crown corner piece. Work your way clockwise around the top of the planter using epoxy to adhere the crown to the top of the planter.


Step 12

Once the crown is successfully placed atop the planter, take a moment to examine your planter for any cracks or gaps in the side panels. Use additional epoxy if needed to fill any gaps and ensure a tight connection between pieces.


Step 13

Once the epoxy has dried and your planter has been together for six hours, you may start adding soil or potted plants to the inside of your planter.


Step 14

Your new concrete modular planter will be a showpiece for your indoor or outdoor space. You can now enjoy the beauty and durability of an elegant planter without the hassle or expense of hiring a moving crew or a crane to move a large concrete planter.


Enjoy Your Planter!

Thank you for shopping with IMC Concrete and be certain to tell all of your friends where you purchased your modular concrete planter. Word of mouth from our happy customers will continue to aid us in developing new products. - Dan Chaidez