DIY Planters For Your Ideal Home and Office Space

DIY Planters For Your Ideal Home and Office Space

DIY planters give you the opportunity to add something natural into your living space, but they also give you the chance to customize that greenspace!

DIY Planters For Your Ideal Home and Office Space

DIY planters don’t just give you the chance to add a customized look to your in-office or in-home greenspace while keeping plants contained, they have a few other benefits too!

1. Custom Sizing

Our DIY planter kit at IMC Concrete is available in a few different kits so that you can custom size your planter to your needs. This differs from more traditional planters because it is a modular option. With more traditional planters, your choices are limited to planters of a specific size. Using our modular kits, however, you can construct a planter that is sized specifically to your needs. You can create a rectangle or square, a deep planter, or a shallow planter.

2. Customized Decoration

At IMC concrete, our custom planter kits also give you the opportunity to customize the appearance of your planter! Once you have built a planter that is the size you are looking for, you can paint your planter to match your color scheme. Our planter kits also give you the opportunity to add decals and appliques! This way you don’t have to rely on generic patterns and color schemes that clash with your decor theme.

3. Custom Depth

Our DIY planters also give you the opportunity to customize the depth of your planter, which is quite unusual. Custom depth is a good thing because it means that your planter can be filled with shorter succulents or larger plants. You can even combine multiple different sized plants in a single planter – just be sure that they are compatible in terms of growing patterns and that they are placed far enough apart for healthy growth.

Why Consider a Planter at All?

Not sure why you should consider adding a planter to your home or business at all? We’ve got some more great reasons that you should consider it!

  • A planter adds greenery to your life and research studies have shown that being around plants and nature in general promotes a healthier lifestyle. We become calmer, less anxious, less likely to be depressed, and more likely to be successful at work!
  • A planter is large enough that it gives you the chance to create a unique plant display! Forget just having a single plant or tree in your planter, you can become a pro gardener and create a colorful and unique mix that represents your personality!

Are You Interested in Creating a DIY Planter?

If you are interested in creating a DIY planter that fits in perfectly with your home or office space, we encourage you to take a look at our modular planter kits and see if building your own planter is something that appeals to you! Have questions about DIY planters? Feel free to get in touch with us and ask any questions that you might have about our modular planter kits or about planters in general! Just call 678-200-3119

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