Commercial Planters: You Don’t Have to Go Drab and Dreary!

Commercial Planters: You Don’t Have to Go Drab and Dreary!

When you decide to add commercial planters to your commercial buildings, you may think like most other people. You may think that commercial planters are drab, they’re dreary, and they’re nothing but dull grey concrete containers . At IMC Concrete, we beg to differ!

Commercial Planters: You Don’t Have to Go Drab and Dreary!

When we say “commercial planters” the chances are that the first thing that you think about is an oversized drab, grey concrete tub. In some cases, you wouldn’t be wrong, but at IMC concrete, we don’t believe that you have to go boring just because you’re going big! We also don’t believe that you have to go overboard either.

It can be difficult finding middle ground when it comes to commercial planters. You either get boring or you get odd and odd isn’t exactly the impression you want to give of your company! At IMC Concrete, we decided that we were going to create a modular solution that is somewhere in the middle so that you don’t have to make a grand statement about your company’s fashion sense and you can still have freedom in the size of the planter you choose.

Our modular planters are built for those people who just aren’t satisfied with the ready-made planters out there. With our kits you can build your own concrete planter as large or as small as you would like it. That means that you can customize it to fit any space in any building or garden area! Our modular kits simply fit together so that you can create a small planter or the largest planter you can think of!

Where other commercial planters offer basic grey concrete, our planters are made so that you can customize them however you like! That even means that you can put your company logo on the side of your company planter if you like!

All you have to do is shop at our online store and pick the modular planter kit that is right for you. You can mix and match kits to make a planter the right size for your needs. Then, once your planter arrives, you can add your own creative twist if you like!

Add appliques to give your planter a personal and creative touch!

Paint your planter to show off your school colors or your company logo!

Add a plain white paint for a touch of class while making sure that your planter isn’t too extreme for your more conservative clients.

The point is that you can do pretty much anything as far as colors and design when it comes to making your planter your own and you don’t have to settle for what big companies think you want!

Looking For Interesting Commercial Planters?

If you are looking for commercial planters that offer something more than dull grey concrete, we have the solution for you! Just take a look at the modular planters in our online store!


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