Concrete Planters: Large Plants to Make Your Planters Pop!

Concrete Planters: Large Plants to Make Your Planters Pop!

When it comes to concrete planters, large plants can make the perfect accent to any room. Today we want to share with you some of our favorite large plants to fill those planters and make an excellent focal point for any room.

Concrete Planters: Large Plants to Make Your Planters Pop!


You may recognize agave as being involved in the production of tequila, but agave also makes an incredibly easy to maintain addition to your large planter! Agave requires full sun and sandy soil, but with proper care, this succulent is great for indoor and outdoor planting!

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

If you want a thicker more tree-like plant for your planter, the dwarf Alberta spruce is a good option. This small cone-shaped evergreen tree can grow to be quite large, but it grows so slowly that it can take as long as twenty-five years to grow to it’s full potential! Plus, this tree only requires average moisture and to increase its strength, full sunlight!

The Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a nice thick tree that nicely fills out your planter without leaving too much white space.


One of the most popular plants for the indoor planter is the ficus. To keep your ficus healthy make sure that it gets plenty of sun, although keep it away from direct strong sunlight as you will end up with leaf burn!

The ficus is the perfect plant for you if you tend to have trouble with keeping plants and trees alive, these are hardy plants that have been a fixture in homes worldwide for a long time! Keep in mind, though, that the Ficus is very sensitive to changes in temperature, so it needs to be kept away from your air vents!


Hibiscus are beautiful plants that bring a little color to your decor and the flowers on this shrub give a spa-like tropical feel to any environment!

If you do add hibiscus to your planter, we remind you to check that your planter is set up for health drainage using a good quality soil that isn’t packed too tightly. Also keep in mind that the hibiscus requires plenty of sun!

Sweet Bay

Bay trees are trees rather than plants, but kept well pruned, a bay tree makes a great single focal point. If you choose this tall tree for your planter, we recommend keeping it trimmed like a topiary. An added benefit of a bay tree is that you can grab a few leaves when you need fresh bay leaves for cooking!

This is a rather unusual addition to planters, but we love the option of having a bay tree nearby which is particularly handy if you are a frequent cook!

Concrete Planters, Large Plants, and More!

Concrete planters with large plants make a great and healthy addition to any space! If you are looking for a quality concrete planter than can be customized to your space, take a look at our modular planter kits online!

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