Concrete Planters DIY: 6 Reasons Why They Are a Good Investment

Concrete Planters DIY: 6 Reasons Why They Are a Good Investment

Concrete planters DIY make a great investment for your home or office space, but how do they compare to other planters on the market? We’ve got six reasons why concrete DIY planters like our modular planters make a better addition to your green space!

Concrete Planters DIY: 6 Reasons Why They Are a Good Investment

1. Concrete Wears Well

There are many different materials that can be used for planters, the most common are plastic and resins, but wood planters are also quite popular. Unfortunately, plastic and resin planters are prone to breaking and developing mold. Wood planters are prone to rot and mold. Concrete planters, however, stand up well to the elements and are ideal for all types of settings!

2. Modular Means Customized

Modular planters have an advantage over traditional planters – they are customizable. When you choose a traditional planter, you only get to select from specific size and shape planters. This isn’t always convenient because not all spaces are traditionally sized or shaped. Modular planters let you create a planter of a custom size and shape to fit in your unique space!

3. Concrete Planters Are Long Lasting

Concrete planters last for a long period compared to other less durable materials, that means that once you set up the perfect planter for you, you don’t have to worry about having to replace your planter in the future due to natural wear and tear,

4. Concrete is Environmentally Friendly!

Compared to other planter materials, concrete planters are much more environmentally friendly. Concrete is a sustainable material. Where wood requires trees to be chopped down, concrete does not decimate the environment in this way.

5. Concrete Planters Are More Aesthetically Pleasing

When you have the choice of concrete planters or plastic or resin planters, the concrete planter is always going to be more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you have the option of decorating your concrete planter any way you like without having to worry about your planter looking cheap.

How does concrete compare to wood aesthetically? Wood planters may look appealing when first purchased but very quickly they become worn and the wood can split and rot and look less than appealing! Plus, there is the added worry of splinters!

6. Concrete is Insulating

Concrete makes a great planter material because it is insulating which means that the soil of your plants is protected from extreme temperature fluctuations so that the roots of your plant do not get damaged. This temperature protection also ensures that your plants roots do not dry out too quickly due to water evaporation so that your plants remain healthy and happy!

Looking For Concrete Planters DIY?

If you’re looking for concrete planter DIY projects or modular planters, our modular planter kits are just what you’re shopping for! Take a look at our online modular planter store and see which of our modular kits is best for your needs!

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