Concrete Planter DIY: An Easier Solution To A DIY Concrete Planter

Concrete Planter DIY: An Easier Solution To A DIY Concrete Planter

Concrete planter DIY might seem like a great way to add something new to your home or business space, but it can involve a lot of work! We’ve got a solution to this problem, though, our modular DIY concrete planter!

An Easier Solution To A DIY Concrete Planter

A DIY concrete planter may be a great addition to your home or business space, but the amount of work that it takes to create a concrete planter is more than most people are ready to take on. Mixing concrete, creating a mold, casting a planter…it’s just too much.

Then there is the option to purchase a blank concrete planter and to use your creativity to decorate that planter. This is a great way to make a planter that will fit your needs…but it’s also not ideal because you are limited to a select number of planters. You must choose from specific sizes and specific shapes of planters and while this isn’t always a problem, it can become one if you have a unique space. When you have a uniquely shaped or sized space, you need a planter that will fit in that space and not one that almost fits.

So, what are you to do? Making your own concrete planter from scratch…well, that’s more than most of us want to take on. Buying a customizable planter that you can decorate and make your own…well, that limits you to a specific selection. So, what option is left? The DIY modular planter!

Our DIY modular planter allows you to use our modular planter kits to create your own concrete planter. You can choose from a selection of kits and create a planter that’s the size you want it to fit in the space that you are looking to fill. Plus, once you have put your planter together, you can get to decorating it to make sure that it fits in!

Once you have put together your planter, you can take appliques, paints, stencils, and get started on personalizing your planter to fit in with your decor. Go with your favorite team colors, or match or complement the paint in your work space! Use stencils to add more to your design if you prefer something a little fancier, or go with a color block design for variety and color in a single design!

Looking For a Concrete Planter DIY Alternative?

If you’re looking for a concrete planter but don’t have the time or resources to create your own concrete planter, our DIY modular concrete planter is a good option for you! Take a look at the different modular planter kits we have available and see which one is right for your needs!

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