Who We Are

Our parent company, Classic Precast, has specialized in manufacturing and installing precast concrete and cast stone architectural elements since 2001. One of the biggest issues we repeatedly heard from our customers was the complete lack of outdoor weather-resistant modular planters.

IMC Concrete has developed a line of products that allow homeowners and DIY landscapers the ability to have beautiful, weather-resistant planters that are easily used in spaces where large concrete designs are too heavy to bring in or simply not cost effective to purchase. Our products are conditioned to ensure that they will not crack in cold temperatures and especially if it is thin and wasn’t conditioned properly when it was formed.

Our assortment of colors provides depth and sophistication to landscapes and gardens. Compliment your space pairing handsomely with everything from wild sea-grass and unstructured florals to manicured topiaries and small trees. Built to withstand the worst of each season, our modular concrete planter pieces are lightweight and easy to move around.